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The Lapasar Marketplace is integrated with PETRONAS SMART by GEP, which provides PETRONAS Buyers and Registered PETRONAS Vendors a modern and digitised approach to the traditional B2B procurement process. The Lapasar Marketplace will be the fastest and most convenient way for PETRONAS buyers to access 45 categories of products, which represents almost 2000 individual products.

If you are a valid PETRONAS supplier with the correct SWEC licenses, then wait no more! Register with Lapasar to digitise your procurement and modernise your procurement process with PETRONAS, through Lapasar!

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Release 1 : 7 Sept 2020
  • Holding Company Units (HCU)1

  • Release 2 : 23 Nov 2020
  • PET Chemicals Group Berhad
  • PET Chemicals Fertiliser Kedah SB
  • PET Chemicals Marketing (Labuan) Ltd
  • Kertih Port SB
  • PET Research SB
  • PET Technical Services SB
  • 2021

    Release 3 : 25 Jan 2021
  • PET Dagangan Berhad2
  • PET Floating LNG 1 & 2
  • PET LNG 9 SB
  • Malaysia LNG SB
  • PET Chemicals Olefins, Glycols, Derivatives SB

  • Future Releases
  • PET Carigali SB
  • PET Penapisan Terengganu SB
  • PET Penapisan Melaka SB
  • Melaka Refining Co SB
  • PET Gas Berhad
  • PET Digital SB
  • Pengerang Int Complex (PIC)
  • PETRONAS Chemicals Group3
  • Notes:
  • HCU refers to PETRONAS Nasional Berhad, Yayasan PETRONAS, PETRONAS Global Technical Solutions Sdn. Bhd. & PETRONAS Technology Ventures Sdn. Bhd.
  • PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and subsidiaries: PETRONAS NGV Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Aviation Sdn. Bhd. and KL Aviation Fueling System.
  • PETRONAS Chemicals Group subsidiaries. ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Methanol Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals MTBE Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Ethylene Sdn. Bhd., Polypropylene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Polypropylene Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Aromatics Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Ammonia Sdn. Bhd., PETRONAS Chemicals Fertiliser Sabah Sdn. Bhd. and PETRONAS Chemicals LDPE Sdn. Bhd.
  • Release 1 & 2 to PETRONAS OPUs was launched in Sept and Nov 2020 respectively. Release 3 was launched in 25th Jan 2021. Look forward to more future releases to PETRONAS OPUs!