Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the difference between sellers / vendors / suppliers?
A: All 3 terms have the same definition.

Q: What happens if the supplier’s stock is unavailable, after an order is accepted?
A: Please contact the Lapasar team immediately in order for us to cancel the order. Lapasar will then contact the buyer to suggest an alternative seller.

Q: Will the supplier’s expired PETRONAS licence affect their product listing for the other corporate buyers?
A: No. PETRONAS license is not required to sell to other corporate buyers as it is exclusive for PETRONAS Catalogue only. Suppliers are free to upload any products they want to sell to other corporate buyers.

Q: Would the supplier’s uploaded products be visible only to PETRONAS, or will they be listed for other corporate buyers as well?
A: Products uploaded for PETRONAS Catalogue will only be visible to PETRONAS users. Suppliers may choose to list or not to list the same products from PETRONAS Catalogue to other corporate buyers.

Q: Will suppliers be able to see the other supplier’s listed products?
A: No. Only corporate users / buyers will be able to see the listed products from vendors.

Q: Will PETRONAS have visibility of which supplier they are purchasing from?
A: No. All supplier names for PETRONAS Catalogue are masked on Lapasar Marketplace.

Q: How do the suppliers / sellers get their login details for Lapasar?
A: Lapasar supplier login ID would be the email provided to Lapasar, during the registration process.

Q: How do the suppliers submit their PETRONAS Catalogue products list to Lapasar for review?
A: Suppliers may use the Lapasar x PETRONAS Vendor Portal to upload, edit or view your products for PETRONAS Catalogue here.